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No. 253 / Buy experiences, not things

And when you do buy things, invest in things that will enhance your experiences. 

Things come and go. They don’t usually leave a lasting impression unless they go together with an experience. When you focus on investing in experiences, you simply learn more. There is also something inspiring about looking back and seeing where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and what you’ve accomplished - much more inspiring, at least, than looking at your master collection of things. 

The mind likes to remember and reminisce. Even the anticipation of going somewhere or doing something can bring just as much, if not more satisfaction than the experience itself. 

Simply put, experiences will make you more happy than things. It’s almost ironic, the experience comes and goes but the thing supposedly lasts a long time. Unfortunately, the more things we buy, the less we appreciate them. The reason for this is that we all like a good story. Things typically don’t make for good story telling, but experiences, specifically memories and stories about those experiences, only get better with time.