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No. 715 / Breaking news!

There seems to be more breaking news now than before.

Not more news, just more breaking news.

People are in such a hurry to be the first, to win the argument, to make the prediction, that it diminishes the value of the long game. Of real news.

Be okay with letting things sit for a few days. “Let it marinate” as it were. The market (i.e. job market, political market, financial market, family, community, personal life etc.) will correct itself. It almost always does.

But here’s the thing, this isn’t about wishful thinking that “things will just work out.” Things might not! The solution to whatever news just broke will still require a certain level of dedication and struggle. What this is about is letting news stew in your mind a bit before you lash out with emotion, it’s about not jumping to conclusions too quickly, it’s about not overreacting when breaking news comes out.

Knowing something 5 minutes or 15 minutes sooner isn’t going to make a difference, in most cases, and replying immediately with irrational intensity without giving it a second won’t make your response more credible.