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No. 22 / Bored vs. curious

If you were to describe to me a boring person, who comes to mind? You would probably picture someone in your head know the rest. Someone who is bored is not someone who jumps around from project to project just because they have nothing better to do. There’s another word for that type of person. A bored person usually lacks ambition. They aren’t sure what to do next, so they do nothing. When they are doing something, they’re usually complaining about it. 

Swing the pendulum to the opposite side of bored and you get curious. Someone who is curious is always searching. They are highly engaged in their work - whatever that entails. They are sponges. Curious people soak up all the information they can get. They are always learning and pursuing things that peak their interest. 

Bored people are boring. Curious people are noteworthy. It’s that simple. 

Evaluate yourself: 
- Do you feel bored? Or ambitious? 
- Are you boring? Or Interesting? 

Your answers will help explain why you are where you are today.