Becoming popular


If something is popular, does that make it better?

Popular is rarely a sign of significance.

And the race to becoming popular is a race to the bottom. If you are chasing popular, then you are focusing on the things that don’t matter. Which, in turn, means you aren’t creating something or doing something worthwhile. 

Because in a popularity contest, the only thing that matters, is you. It makes you selfish, win or lose. And selfishness, without a doubt, will make you miserable. It’s a life of compromises. Meaning you will do anything to please the crowd—things you normally wouldn’t do. You begin to live a life that’s not your own. It corrupts who you are, eats away at your dignity, and turns the work you do into a factory-made product, not art. 

Instead, focus on connecting with people. Develop your relationships. Become a person of value. And serve. Doing these things won’t necessarily make you popular, but they will always pay off—for the giver and the receiver.