Beautiful things

This is a short list of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life up to this point. Major bucket list items for sure.  

1) The aurora borealis on a flight from St. Petersburg, Russia to Helsinki, Finland. The green lights lit up the whole airplane as the pilot told everyone to open their windows to enjoy the show. A powerful, spiritual spectacle I will never forget.  

2)  The total solar eclipse in Rigby, Idaho. Another surreal moment that only lasted a few minutes, but the power of the universe, science, and faith all seemed to converge at the same time. 

3) The sun setting on the Andaman Sea at the beautiful Renaissance Marriott Resort in Phuket, Thailand. I love sunsets. But this one takes the cake.  

4) Walking around Lake Bled, Slovenia during the fall. They built an infrastructure around the small lake that allows people to enjoy the beauty. There was a photo opportunity at every corner. So peaceful. So magical.

There are a lot more places I’ve been and things I’ve seen that could be on this list: Zion National Park, hiking through Seattle’s Discovery Park, New York City (like just about everything), train rides through Russia and Belgium, Copenhagen, Banff, The Redwood Forest. If there are two things I love it’s making lists and going to beautiful places. I hope to never stop doing either.