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No. 689 / Be boring

Boring people do the same thing day in and day out and are okay with it. They’ve fallen in love with routines. They embrace consistency. They’re okay with silence. They’ve learned what it means to be content.

Being boring doesn’t mean you’re not interesting. It doesn’t mean you’re resistant to change. “Boring” is just the perception.

Kawhi Leonard is boring. Bill Gates is boring—they aren’t out to prove anything special. They've learned how to embrace the mundane. Great writers are boring, all they do is write every day. Great couples are boring, they’re okay with just hanging out with each other for decades. Great dads are boring, they enjoy small talk and meaningful moments with their kids. In short, boring people are comfortable with minuscule improvements over time. Which seems boring, compared to folks who are constantly announcing that they’re working on the next big thing.

Be boring. Which is to say, focus on the small and simple things that don’t look exciting but, behind the scenes, are helping you become someone impactful.