Appeal to the masses


and the masses will ignore you. That's what they do. 

Here's the thing, if you want something, you're not going to just throw subpar work out into the masses and hope something sticks. In order for someone to notice you, you have to stand out. But here's the other thing, if someone is unwilling to take the chance on something different, you're not going to get noticed, anyway. So why are you still trying to please those type of people/customers? Why not appeal to those that who are willing take a chance on something different?

Some examples:
- If you're into hand-written notes, the companies that appreciate that kind of thing (and notice) will get back to you for a second interview. You would be miserable working for the company that doesn't care about those kinds of details, anyway. 
- If you make the best oxford shoe on the market, would you get offended if someone who only owns basketball shoes doesn't like them? 
- If you value taking a vacation every few months and flexible work hours over money, don't get a job on wall street. 

Go to where you are celebrated, not just tolerated. 

Cater to your true fans.