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No. 576 / All motivation is self motivation

It has to be, eventually.

You can coach yourself. At least, that should be your aim. Because the sooner you can get to the point where you know what motivates you and what doesn’t, the quicker you can not only coach yourself but begin to lead others.

What I’m getting at here is that we are becoming too reliant on external motivation. Make 30 phone calls today or your boss will hound you. Continue working late so that you can get a promotion. But if we’ve learned anything from Coach Knight or Chef Ramsay it’s that our current system isn’t built to depend on external motivation—and neither are we. If you’re constantly looking for rewards and recognition, you’ll never find enough to fill your cup. If you feel the need to cc your manager on every email so that they trust you’re working, then you’re missing the point (and so is your organization if that’s what they expect).

The point is, the world needs people who would do what they do even if it wasn’t their job. It also tends to favor those who can find that motivation inside.