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No. 545 / Aftertaste

What do people find interesting?

Think back to some of the most memorable meals you’ve eaten, the most intriguing shows you’ve watched, the most fascinating trips you’ve been on—what is it about those experiences that created the most lasting memories?

It was probably that crazy taxi driver or the ending to the show that just left you with more questions than answers. It was the bit of pepper or added touch of sweet ginger that kept you licking your lips long after you left the restaurant.

It was the aftertaste.

Sometimes, it’s not about creating the most neat and tidy narrative; that’s not the goal of storytelling, that’s not what gets remembered. Good marketing is interesting—it’s the two ingredients that shouldn’t go together, it’s the incomplete story, it’s the problem that has no solution. And, it’s sometimes frustrating.

But that’s okay! Because the puzzle piece that doesn’t fit is the one you talk about.