A different strategy


Not better. Not worse. Just different.

Each strategy leads us down a path. A path that directs us to make other choices along the way. What we invest in. What sacrifices we make. Who we choose to follow. 

Here's the thing, when devising and implementing a strategy, you need to go in with the assumption that you might be wrong, that it might not work. That's how the greats before you and I all learned how to do things and build things others couldn't possibly imagine. Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, John Steinbeck, J.K. Rowling, Gandhi, Nikola Tesla, Marcus Aurelius, Abraham Lincoln, all built a strategy with the assumption that things might not work out. They accounted for worse-case-scenarios, wherein they could recalculate, recalibrate and rework the strategy into a stronger one. 

At some point or another, you're going to meet people that don't like what you're laying down. That's okay. It's not for them. And, as soon as you learn how to confidently state "it's not for you," you gain incredible power, not only over your strategy and work but also your life.