Week 48 ‘17 reflection

There really is something to a strong morning routine. I’ve started waking up earlier, getting some healthy food in me, exercising, reading, studying, meditating, and reviewing my goals before I start working. It’s made a huge difference this week and it’s beginning to solidify into a habit. It’s not necessarily getting easier, I think I’m just getting more used to it.

Mind over mattress.

After my shower - like immediately after I turn off the water - is the best times to write down my thoughts. Some of my best ideas have come while I’ve been showering. I know it’s not just me, it’s actually been proven to be a really nice time to focus and think. Why not take advantage of that and make post-showers note-taking a habit?

I plan on speaking (writing) on a more personal basis every Friday on my blog. I’ll call it my weekly reflection. I’ll simply title each reflection post in this format: Week (week of the year) (‘year) reflection. It will be an open post - basically compiling things I’ve learned, felt, heard and thought about throughout the week. I’ll include things I’m reading, different things I’m trying with my business, and what went well and what didn’t go well that week.

Speaking of strategy, my goal-setting course is coming along nicely. It has way more content and resources than I would have imagined. I’m thinking about calling it “Design Your Life: a complete guide to finally designing your life, living your purpose and accomplishing your goals” or something cheesy like that.

I have been wanting to listen to more podcasts and audiobooks but haven’t found the time. I love my quiet time in the morning, so I don’t listen to anything, even when I’m working out. I am usually writing, or recording, or chatting, or on calls all day so I don’t listen to really anything then either...Maybe when I cook? Or go on my mid-day walks?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote this week: “No man’s a prophet in his own land.” There seems to be a lot of truth to this.

I want to do a better job at networking and reaching out to people. So I started creating a spreadsheet with my contacts on it. It’s kind of like my own CRM. I have some basic notes on people to remember key facts about them, then I put when I last spoke with them and what we talked about. I create follow-up reminders in my calendar if needed. I also want to start writing more hand-written notes to people.

I hope you enjoyed my first published weekly reflection. It’s a habit I have been doing for quite some time now and my aim is that you’ll find value in it.