Would you do it if you were the last person on earth?

I like going through these mental exercises from time to time. It helps me put things in perspective a bit more and helps me think about things differently.

This particular question came from a similar I attended on building online courses. It’s a nice way to gauge interest, passion. What types of things would I be doing if I was the last person on the planet?

Beyond just surviving, I would write. And, in a way, teach (hoping there would be other survivors - but now I might be taking the hypothetical too far). I would travel, think, and try to learn everything I could. I would also try to explore other ventures and be entrepreneurial. 

Sometimes we get held up by the medium - ‘how’ we are going to do things. When what we should be focusing our attention on is the ‘why.’ Take a moment this weekend to consider why you do what you do. And, if what you are doing doesn’t fall in line with your why, what steps you can start taking to change that. The ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ usually take care of themselves.