Week 7 ’18 reflection

I’ve said this before, (then again, I’ve said a lot of the things I write before), but there is something amazing which happens when you decide. The universe really does seem to conspire to make it happen. 

Principles and spacing

In sports, set plays are designed to give the athletes a course of action so that they know where they should be and what they should do at certain times throughout the course of a match. They are meant to be executed to specific expectations.

The problem with pursuing perfection

Go to the hole-in-the-wall bbq joint or get some street tacos from that food truck you follow on Instagram, you’re likely to get an experience that is far from perfect. They’ll splatter sauce all over the place. Grease will begin puddling at the bottom of your cardboard bowl. And it’s so loud and crowded on that street corner that you can’t even hear yourself think. 

It feels risky

There are a lot of things that feel risky but are actually safe. Like going to the dentist. It feels risky because they could make your gums bleed or inform you that you have a cavity, but it's actually safe because your teeth get healthier. The alternative, of course, is future (bigger) problems.

A mile wide, an inch deep

If you want to have influence, specialize. Dig deep. Become an expert. A well of undepletable knowledge is more valuable than a "muddy, wide, shallow, meandering stream," that could leave you high and dry at any moment.